Thursday, February 27, 2014

Headshot Tip: It’s All About the Eyes

Michael Gallo

Sarah Wang

We’ve all heard expressions like the eyes are the windows to the soul. Take a look at any well-done headshot and you will feel your gaze pulled directly to the subject’s eyes. And the eyes will be speaking: this person is warm, confident, smart, funny, or wise.

You can expect the photographer to help guide you in your posing and to make sure your eyes are properly illuminated. But you can and should prepare yourself as well. Do an online search for portraits and headshots of well-known actors or actresses, especially those who match your type. Look at advertisements in magazines or inside subway stations. Pay attention to how the subject uses the muscles around the eyes, the brows and the eyelids to convey emotion or character. Practice doing the same in front of a mirror.

Eyes full of life will grab the casting director’s attention and help define who you are as an actor. Giving some thought to how to use your eyes is one of the most useful things you can do to prepare for the headshot that will get you work.

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